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White Sheet

My sculptural practice is essentially figurative in nature. I have attempted at illusionist realist projection of the motif of the child. The challenges of portraying the figure of the child are numerous. One  of  the  most problematic areas concerning the presentation of the child’s figure is to effectively bring physical and emotional associations related to the child. The contemplated physical tenderness in sculptural presentation of child’s figure is brought about   by transposition of a clay model figure of the child into a wooden sculpture.


Traditional material I have used in my work. because, the resemblance of the colour of the wood to human skin. The surface of figures are polished and I've used colour, terracotta, graphite, ceramic ,etc in some places. I have used different colour wood ( Lebbeck wood, Albizialebbeck wood ,mahogany wood, jackfruit wood) joins in my work. By combining the two types of wood, a new contrast is created. My sculptures works are exploring the depth of the body as a space of memory and transformation and also explores the collective body as the relationship with other.


Artist proposals are tricky pieces of work ,  and different pieces of information.  I take a somewhat emotional, psychological, theoretical.  I find it easier to speak about my work  intellectually , using the language of sociology and semiotics and representation.


My work  are  figurative sculpture inspired by the emotions and personalities of children, believing the body language is their purest form of communication. In Indian society children s are often discriminated against .their health ,  education prosperity and freedom are all impacted. I try to sculpture the dreams that are made of physical expressions.

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